Sleeping Beauty

©blueumi Quietly she slumbers. Alone in her tower, Only hears the rages of the thunder. Wrapped in darkness, She can't see. Eyes like galaxies, With the depth of an ocean. But somewhere she lost the key. What is behind this blue? Walls built deep inside. Oh, if just somebody knew. Silently waiting. ©blueumi



So beautiful. Roses. You seem perfect to everyone. Without flaws. You think it's your duty. But you have to protect yourself. Because they want to break you. Want to enjoy your beauty. When you beginn to wither, They throw you away. Your beauty is lost forever. But they will forget you. Replace you. What remains... Weiterlesen →


   © blueumi Do not worry. Do not regret. Do not care. Do not run away. Do not hide. Do not feel sad. Do not doubt. Do not think. Do not fear. Just be.  © blueumi


If I fall... Will you catch me? If I'm about to drown...  Will you save me? If I'm full of emotions... Will you share them with me? If I'm only half... Will you complete me? © blueumi

Mermaid Thoughts

© blueumi "I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living"       -Anais Nin- "But people are oceans", she shrugged..."You cannot know them by their surface"  -Beau Taplin- "You ran down the ocean, by the call of the sirens but as got there, there was... Weiterlesen →

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